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About Us

Our Story

MyProfsr is a revolutionary one-to-one online tutoring platform where students from all over the world can engage and interact in live online tuition lessons with highly qualified tutors – anytime, anywhere! We believe that education should be both affordable and accessible for everyone as every student is unique. Therefore we created an interactive affordable one-to-one online tuition platform whereby students can receive exceptional educational assistance from highly qualified tutors and achieve their academic goals.

MyProfsr was founded to provide online tutoring in all subjects, to all students, at all levels. This includes students who attend school full-time or part-time, home schooled students as well as students with any learning difficulties. Our online tutors will help increase student confidence and develop a better understanding of any subject by using fun and interesting learning techniques. It’s no wonder we have over 40,000 satisfied students and parents across the world!

After researching other companies in the UK online learning market, they discovered that competitors were offering very high prices for their unprofessional services, whilst their customer satisfaction remained poor.

Our interactive lessons are flexible and convenient to fit your schedule, from the comfort of your own home. Our online tuition platform is also cheaper and less time consuming than traditional tutoring - no having to drive back and forth to a tuition centre or having to wait around for someone to come to your house! We want all students to succeed academically which is why we have developed MyProfsr, a leading online tutoring platform where students can achieve their academic goals at prices both they and their parents can afford. After all, every student deserves a highly-qualified tutor to bring out the best of their ability…

GCSE, AS & A Level exams
SATs exams
11+ Grammar tests
End of Year exams
Coursework and Assignments
Homework help

Why Choose Us

Best Teachers

From IITs & other top tier colleges with 10+ years of experience

Convenient & Safe

No need to travel, learn at the comfort & safety of your home

Adaptive Teaching

Delivering customized learning based on the student's learning pace

LIVE & Interactive

2-way Interaction between student & teacher, & record videos

Learn LIVE Online! Best Teachers

Delivering superior teaching to students across 500+ cities worldwide

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