Overview to our data protection and privacy policy

We are online one to one tutoring platform with specially designed syllabus and mock exams for the United Kingdom market. We understand that to maintain long-term relations with the client, it is crucial to value the trust and privacy of the information shared by our clients. Myprofsr adhere to ethical standards while collecting and using any information from its clients and students. The scope of this privacy policy is to cover the learning tutoring offered by Myprofsr. We request all our students and clients to read this privacy policy before availing any services via our website. We intend to launch mobile application soon and the scope of this privacy policy will be enlarging to the mobile application as well. We insist on availing the tutoring services only if you agree to our terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

As a service provider we collect personal information from various sources including the teachers and staff members, parents of the children, clients, suppliers, event organizers and online tutors. The data handling and privacy policy for various stakeholders is described in detail below:

For teachers and staff member of schools

We provide training services for the teachers and staff members via our learning hub. We would require personal information like name of individual, name of school, address of school, electronic mailing address, contact information such as telephone number and personal mobile number and available time for availing the learning classes. The aim of the above information is to facilitate the contact between our company and suppliers for reaching out to teachers in case of any queries and issues.

The information collected from the teachers and staff members may be used for citing an example to other schools and teachers. The information and course material used by the teachers may be accessed and shared with the schools to provide glimpse of your learning status. We may collect other personal information available in the public domain about teachers.

For parent who are associated for learning for their children

Contact information from the parents including mane, user ID assigned by Myprofsr, address and other information to communicate and create relation for serving you better. The personal information will be used for facilitating the services to your children for example for rescheduling the one on one tutoring classes as per the convince of your child.

We assure you that we do not intend to use any financial information such as bank accounts, credit card details and other financial information shared by you. To process payment, we transfer you to the secure third party payment service portal and we do not process payment by ourselves.

For children availing our one on one tutoring classes

We may collect information about the child to understand the learning needs of child. The information collected will include child name, age, gender, academic school tear, educational skills and capabilities, information about any special medical learning needs that will be required for customizing the learning services to the child. We insist upon gathering the information about the child from either parent of educational institutes such as schools. We assure you that we will gather only required information from the parents or schools for delivering the services.

We may record the online one to one session of child and tutor for undertaking the progress report of child. The aim of recording the online classes is for providing the feedback of child’s progress to the parent and schools. The recordings of one on one sessions will be stored for archival purposes only. Recordings help us improve the quality of teaching and interaction of tutors. The recordings allow us to customize the tutoring based on the child’s requirements. The aim of recording is to facilitate continuous implements to the tutors as well as child.

For the prospective clients

We may collect the contact information including name and address of inquiring person, school address if seeking a demonstration, electronic mailing address, job title and designation at the school, contact information for arranging a free demonstration at the school or other educational institutions. We may ask about the interest services to prepare customer profile for offering best suitable services. We may extract the details of your browsing history while you log onto our website for undertaking the interested services.

For advertising and marketing agencies

We may gather the induvial information for sending the details of marketing material or advertisement at your platform. We may also extract the information of your browsing history while you were log onto our website to underrate the services that you are seeking.

For the service providers and suppliers

We intend to collect the information including the contact information and detail about the company you are representing to communicate with the goods and services availed for your organization. The shared information will be used for administrative purpose only. The admiration work may require collecting the bank account details, photography, tax related information of the company for facilitating the internal processes. This information will not be used for any other purposes rather than for availing the services from your organization.

For the prospective tutors

We would require the personal information related to the contact coordinates and academic information like age, gender, qualification to process the eligibility to teach in UK market. The information like previous work experience, educational awards and achievements, past health history and references from past employers for undertaking the suitability to work in our organization.

For the companies requesting us to organize any event

We would require the information such as individual contact. We may also require the details about the profile of attendees for the event. The information collected will be used to customize the event based on the target audience attending the event.

For the registered users

If you are registering on our website or future mobile application, we may collect information regarding the source your awareness about our learning platform. Such information will us reaching you out more effectively. We may record the information shared by you via social medial platforms or our website to understand your interest based on the information that you have accessed from our platforms. This may include use of cookies. The cookie use policy is mentioned separately and you may access it. Link for Cookie policy.

For the prospective participants in survey sent via social media or website

We may be undertaking various online surveys via our website and social media platforms to understand the expectations of the customers. Most of the surveys will be undertaken by third party and hence, we may ask the personal information to create different respondent’s profile. The information required for completion of the survey will be communicated in advance to gather your consent for undertaking the survey. If you are our existing customers, we may survey you for undertakings the feedback of our services from your side. The information shared by you will be used for improving the services and features offered by Myprofsr. For more detailed information concerning the protection of privacy when responding to surveys or survey invitations, you should contact the entity conducting the survey.

Handling personal data shared by various stakeholders

Range of organizational security systems are used for protecting the personal information shared by the clients and prospective customers. All personal data is stored and saved securely to prevent any security breach.

The information which is protected by the password set by the users will be secured by the password holder. The confidential of such information is limited to the access of the password. It is desirable by the company that the password is not shared with anyone to prevent the breach of security of data. The set password should contain one capital letter and one number for increasing the security via password.

For schools that are availing the services from Myprofsr, the school administration is required to allot an individual who will access the online platform. The authorized persona should be the only one accessing the learning platform via password. The school is responsible for ensuring that only authorized persona can access the school account. Any teacher and staff member who is leaving the school will be asked to share the coordinates for learning hub. Myprofsr cannot be responsible for the breach of confidentiality which is caused by the schools. The information shared at our website and other social media platforms are under the security radar, but it is important for the clients to understand that the security of information on internet is not very reliable and dependable. The information shred on our website is at owner’s risk.

Data sharing

Myprofsr advertisers may require the data to select and serve the specific information to be advertise to you. The information shared will not be related to the identifiable individuals. The information shared will be in aggregated form. We may use the personal information for designing the advertisement based on your needs and expectations. The information gathered via cookies will be used for advertisement purpose only.

We may share is required and appropriate your data with:

Data Sharing with appropriate third parties:

Processing the personal data legally

Storing the personal data

We will store your personal data till the purpose of gathering the information is solved. Once the aim of the data is achieved, the data collected will be deleted or archived. We will be following the logistic guidelines of United Kingdom for storage of personal data.

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